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21 December 2010 @ 11:14 pm
Fic: Goodnight, girl  
So, hi, first post here! I have a fic to share, if that's okay with you guys.

Title: Goodnight, girl (1/ ?)
Pairing: Loker/Torres (main), Lightman/Foster
Rating: Uh, miiild R (naked skin, sexual situations, mentions of physical violence, neither too descriptive)
Genre: romance, drama with bits of angst and fluff
Spoilers: definitely post season 2. Ignoring some events of season 3. In sci - fi fandoms we like to call it alternate reality. It's a nifty thing ;)
Beta/cheerleading: my HUGE thanks to speckleberry and vickysg1 who held my hand, helped me gain confidence with completely new characters and constantly asked for more of this. LADIES YOU ROCK MY WORLD. DON'T YOU EVER LEAVE ME. All remaining idiotic mistakes any typos are mine.
Disclaimer: Lie to me, it's concepts and characters don't belong to me.
Summary: “I just need -” she sighs.

“A little time?” he offers, looking both scared and hopeful, and she is glad that he doesn't look hurt. She doesn't want him to be hurt.

Author's notes: I fell for this show in record time and then fell in love with Torres and Loker and their banter and push - and - pull of their dynamic. Then I ended up with this story. I hope you'll enjoy it. Reviews are always loved and very much appreciated :)